George Floyd, Pelosi, and the Objectification Inherent in Martyrdom

Lush with references to God, dignity, and justice, Nancy Pelosi’s post-verdict statement was carried by inspired gratitude. After almost a year of unrest, petitioning, confrontation and trial, Derek Chauvin had been declared guilty on three separate charges for the murder of George Floyd. With the United States’ weak track record of guilty convictions of cops,Continue reading “George Floyd, Pelosi, and the Objectification Inherent in Martyrdom”

Matriarca Cubana: Una Exploración de los Instrumentos Femeninos de Sobrevivencia

Este trabajo fue presentado en el Rollins Latin American and Latinx Studies Symposium ’21. Todo aspecto de la sociedad moderna es resultado de conocimientos heredados, si sea de los padres de uno, de figuras antiguas de la historia, o de cuentos prehistóricos de nuestros ancestros. Una fuente que ha demostrado mucha valía en este ámbitoContinue reading “Matriarca Cubana: Una Exploración de los Instrumentos Femeninos de Sobrevivencia”

The Brazilian Love Affair with Whatsapp: a Case Study for U.S. Communication

An absurdly continual predicament: I unlock my phone to check a few messages from a close friend from Mexico or a business contact, both of whom I only communicate with through Whatsapp. My friends peer over my shoulder, and what awaits me is a discussion I’ve never been able to evade. “What’s that app?” saysContinue reading “The Brazilian Love Affair with Whatsapp: a Case Study for U.S. Communication”

Buena Onda Continues St. Augustine’s Vegan Legacy

A new wave has washed over St. Augustine, bringing a tide of Latin spice, healthy eating, and a bright, comfortable atmosphere. Buena Onda, meaning “good vibes” or literally “good wave” in Spanish, opened its doors in early February. On their Facebook page, they describe themselves as a full-service café featuring espresso drinks, plant-powered lattes, vegetarianContinue reading “Buena Onda Continues St. Augustine’s Vegan Legacy”


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